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Loyer customers they don't just come back, they don;t simple recommend they insist that their friends do business with us.
We found our forever friend "Sammy", a loving Min Pin, from Jonas in Leola, PA. He is well socialized, funny, sweet, and we are going back to get another! Thanks again Jonas! See ya soon. Vickie S

Beatrice Vega

I bought my puppy who is a pomapoo, about 11 months ago on His name was "Jasper" and I renamed him "Cairo". he is the shyest and most cuddliest pup I've ever encountered. he fit right in my other puppies they loved him from the jump! ideally Frenchbullies is the website i turn to when i would like to expand my animal-lover family!

Jim Patterson

This is Rocky our new addition to our family he has already warmed his way into our hearts. He is the most lovable puppy.Thank you John Stoltzfus of Leola Pa, for a easy and wonderful experience. Tammy

Lottie Harrington

This is our yellow lab puppy Rosy. She's such a sweet energetic girl! Loves walks and playing! Thank you frenchbullie! She's 8 mos. old now.

Hunter Silva

We got our dog from this site. His name is Solomon and he is almost 7 months old now. Very unique personality and awesome dog in general. They have the best here!! You wont be disappointed.

Kriss Harrington

We found Dixie on the site and now she is part of our family. She is just the most loveable, wonderful addition we were looking for. And the transaction to buy her was seamless. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her! I bought two puppies from this site and I am so happy I did!

Terry M

We named this sweet baby boy labradoodle, duke. He's doing great. He has settled in with his family well. He loves his human brothers and they love him. He's doing great with potty training already! Such a great addition!

The Oneill family

We would recommend this sight to anyone! We love our Jackie Poo, Bruce! Our French Bulldog was very sick and we knew it was going to be time to put him down soon. My husband got on the website and found Bruce quickly. The minute he showed me his face I was in love. The breeder we got him from was very kind and it was a very easy process. We will be getting our next puppy through here too~! Thank you for our bundle of joy!

Janeen K

I purchased a Yorkie from advertiser, she is the most precious adorable puppie I have ever owned. Absolutely adorable. And the breeder called me and checked on her twice. They are great!

Cathy K

I am writing this testimonial to say that we are very happy with the purchase of our French BulldogTerrier from Linda and Daniel Ebersole of Bird in Hand PA. We couldn’t be happier with him, We purchased him in late July 2020. He is a healthy happy little guy and has been given a clean bill of health from our veterinarian in Myerstown PA. The entire experience went very well and we would highly recommend buying from this breeder. Also, they were a lovely family and we enjoyed meeting them.

Donna M Hall

The best decision I ever made was getting my F1B Miniature English Bulldog from Ben Smucker. I cannot make it through a walk of my puppy without someone telling me how cute he is. My puppy also is the most loving dog. He gives so many kisses and is always going up to new people, which is evident of the environment and place he was born and raised until 8 weeks.

Caitlin Lowe

We got our mini French Bulldog puppy Cooper(Spencer is his original name) from Ben Smucker. Ben was very knowledgeable about his puppies. We also got to meet Sheila the mom of the litter when we went to pick him up. Not only is Cooper beautiful, but healthy, friendly and warm! I highly recommend Ben if you are looking for a puppy! Thank you!

Naki Chun

We adopted Jasper our little frenchie a few months ago and he is the best purchase we have ever made. I will definitely continue to buy my puppies from here


My husband and daughter surprised me with an adorable Beagle puppy named Hunter a few weeks ago. He found Hunter on and I’m so happy they did. Hunter has been a joy to have around the house and is so playful with my 7 year old daughter. My husband already wants to expand our family and is looking forward to getting another puppy from you guys!!!


My family and I had been looking for a french bulldog Puppy for a few months when we came upon the site. My son's and I were on the web site often until we found the dog we were looking for. Once I laid eyes on our little Abby, I knew I had to have her. My Son's and I drove down to PA to meet Abby and when we saw her it was over from there. We all fell in love with her adorable face and great personality. We brought her home and right away she fit right in. My husband who was unsure of getting another dog thought Abby was so cute she fell in love with her right away as well. She is the most loving and caring dog you could ever meet. She is the greatest dog I have ever been around. I would not change her for the world. Thanks to frenchbullies4sale I have the best dog a family could ask for



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